2016 Pīrāgu making party

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On October 8th and 9th many SLS families gathered at WCLEC to make pīrāgi for the annual fundraiser.





New Kumeliņi classroom

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The Kumeliņi now have new tables and chairs for their classroom!




2015 Pīrāgu making party

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On October 10th and 11th many SLS families gathered at WCLEC to make pīrāgi for the annual fundraiser. Everyone helped out to make approximately 850 pīrāgi! When not making pīrāgi both kids and adults explored nature (even in the rain), went swimming in the slightly warm pool, and enjoyed hot cocoa and singing in the kamīnu telpa.








SLS first day of school is on September 26

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The Seattle Latvian School will kick off the new school year on September 26 at 9 AM.

A huge thanks to the parents and teachers who came in last Monday to clean and organize the school rooms.

We’re looking forward to another great school year!


End of year SLS party

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The SLS end of year party was held at the West Coast Latvian Center on the first weekend of May. We lucked out with warm and sunny May weather. Everyone spent a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air, taking walks along the lake, playing ball games, drawing, coloring, and swinging. A few even tried their hand at fishing in the lake with good results! One of the many highlights was gathering around a large bonfire in the evening hours.

The Seattle Latvian School will convene again next summer. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break!


Paint the Town 2015 field trip

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Last weekend, the SLS school children met in the University District for this year’s second SLS field trip – to Paint the Town, which is a ceramic painting studio. Every student was able to pick and paint their own ceramic figure. Some parents tried their hand at painting a figure of their own as well! Everyone is looking forward to see the result after the ceramic figures have been fired in the kiln.

PTT IMG_9550

PTT IMG_9557

PTT IMG_9560

PTT IMG_9566

PTT IMG_9569

PTT R&K IMG_9571

PTT IMG_9573

PTT IMG_9574

PTT R&K IMG_9576

PTT IMG_9578

PTT IMG_9579

PTT IMG_9580

PTT IMG_9583


SLS Field Trip to Everett Children’s Museum

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On January 31, the SLS children and their parents and SLS teachers visited the Children’s museum in Everett. The museum was perfect for our kids and everyone enjoyed the exhibits, where the children had the opportunity to play build and climb on things, dig, play with water, etc. After a fun time at the museum, the entire group headed over to the Kulitis family home for a wonderful lunch.








SLS 2014 Christmas Party

On 12/31/2014, in News, by Martin Berzin

IMG_1318_Eglite with kids

IMG_1564_Eglite crowd

IMG_1569_Eglite SantaOn December 20th, SLS held their annual Christmas celebration, following the Candlelight Service. The celebration, popular as usual, had well over 100 attendees. The SLS children performed a short musical program and also sang the popular song from the “Frozen” movie, karaoke style, in Latvian. Santa made his appearance after the children’s performance and gave each child a Christmas present. The SLS parents and other guests prepared delicious traditional Latvian snacks (piragi, little sandwiches, etc.) for everyone to enjoy. As in past years, the SLS wine bar, which helps support SLS, was a hit with the crowd.

The party went on until after 10 pm – it’s always hard to leave a good party. SLS classes resume on January 10th. Happy New Year!


This year’s joint Christmas celebration, held by the Seattle Latvian School (SLS) and the Seattle Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church, will be on Saturday, December 20th around 6 PM, following the candlelight service that begins at 5 PM. We’re expecting Santa to make an appearance with gifts for the children (or perhaps switches….). There will be performances by the SLS children and SLS will host a wine bar as well as offer free snacks. Please contact Sonja on sonjafire@gmail.com if your child will attend the event, if you aren’t part of the SLS community, to ensure Santa knows to bring your child a gift as well. A big thanks to the SLS parents who setup and decorated the Christmas trees in the church as well as banquet hall!

2014 Eglite setup


SLS media center

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Media Center logosWith support made possible through the PBLA (Pasaules Brivo Latviesu Apvieniba or World Federation of Free Latvians), the Seattle Latvian School (SLS) children now have access to a media center that includes a 55 inch TV and a region-free BluRay/DVD player. The SLS children, and their parents, were very excited to watch Latvian cartoons, Youtube music videos in Latvian and other Latvian programming.

The funding is financed from the Latvian government’s language agency from the budget of the Education and Science Ministry, under the “State Language Policy and Management” program.


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